Freshly Baked, Pizza, and Bar Snacks Menu

Freshly Baked, Pizza, and Bar Snacks Menu

Looking for Stonefly’s Pies?

Hit us up on the weekends for the Freshly Baked menu through the winter season! We open at 2pm Fridays, noon on Saturdays, and at 11am for football on Sundays. There’s always a variety of pies, and they are available on a first-come first-served basis. We want to see your face! So please stop in.

We proudly debuted our Freshly Baked Menu in the summer of 2023! We feature a variety of 5-inch savory pies – a variety of meaty fillings and other pie genres like quiches, wrapped in our 3-ingredient scratch-made crust. When paired with our daily side, you have a fast, hand-crafted lunch to pair with a cold Montana pint or cup of Montana Coffee Traders.

Check out the article from Fall 2023 by Flathead Beacon’s Micah Drew and Hunter D’Antuono

We bake every morning from May thru September and on the weekends in our off-season, and open with a variety of four or more pies to choose from. We don’t take call-in orders, but you can stop in to order for carryout. Our carryout-only fee is $1 per box. Get here early, we aim to sell out by 4pm, but you could get lucky with a pie later in the day – Cheers!

We also feature Giovanni’s 12″ frozen pizzas – a family business based out of Minnesota. Their secret is 70% toppings to 30% crust, and it works, OMG! Our cheese pizza is by Villa Parma, and it is a thick crust, 8″ 4-cheese. They make ’em, we bake ’em, and everyone craves ’em!